Corgis are the Best

Corgis are amazing dogs.

Ever since I first saw a corgi puppy, back when I was little, I have wanted one. Their big paws, stubby tails, and happy-go-lucky demeanor won me over. I soon started noticing corgis all over the place. Campus, the media, my neighborhood: welsh corgis are a very popular breed! But then again, it’s no surprise.

corgi puppy being cute

I’m now saving my money in hopes that I can, one day, afford my own puppy. They are expensive (around $600 from a breeder), but it’ll be worth it. I look forward to having a corgi of my own to greet me every day after work. I have read that they are intelligent, and as a result, pretty stubborn, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem. With some diligent training, my corgi will be well mannered and behave himself.

I just found this site all about corgis, and it has strengthened my resolve. Seeing their cute furry faces every day makes me want to get my own evenmore! I don’t know what I’ll name him yet. Maybe Boog. But meh, I’ll decide on that when the time comes. In the meantime, I have to focus on raising enough money to get him!